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Reckitt launches new campaign to provide MY shoppers with nutrition tips, exclusive deals on Shopee

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Global consumer goods firm Reckitt has partnered with e-commerce platform Shopee to launch its ‘Complete #TheMissingHalf’ campaign in Malaysia, aimed at enhancing the protection of health, hygiene, and nutrition of consumers by relying on its trusted brands including Enfagrow A+ MindPro, Dettol, and Vanish.

As part of this ‘Super Brand Day’ campaign, which will be on 19 May, Reckitt will be providing shoppers with exclusive deals on Shopee Mall from Enfagrow, Dettol, and Vanish, including educational tips, coins, and product giveaways on Shopee Live, up to 4.5 million coins cashback, and buy 1, free 1 deals, as well as exclusive bundles, where Reckitt is offering special vouchers up to RM200 off, gifts with purchase, specially curated bundle sets including Enfagrow A+ MindPro IQ+ EQ bundle, complete Dettol Protection Kit, and complete Reckitt Household Cleaning kit.

Moreover, free shipping deals are also included on the campaign’s exclusive deals, as well as ‘Spend, Spin, and Win’, where shoppers will be given a chance to win a Toshiba dishwasher, Samsung Tablet, and Shopee Coins.

Muksitul Islam, the ASEAN e-commerce director at Reckitt, commented that Reckitt is proud to partner with Shopee in the regional ‘Super Brand Day’ to connect ASEAN consumers to their beloved and trusted brands like Enfagrow A+, Dettol, and Vanish. 

“Through Shopee’s impressive engagement tools, our consumers can not only look forward to choices tailored to their needs but also an enjoyable shopping experience from our diverse nutrition, health, and hygiene portfolio. We wish our consumers a wonderful Super Brand Day experience,” said Islam.

Meanwhile, Pavan Challa, Shopee’s director of regional brand partnerships, shared that consumers are shopping more frequently online for household and healthcare needs, and they are glad to partner with Reckitt to provide parents and families with a wide variety of trusted brands that gives them the assurance they need when it comes to enhancing family health and nutrition. 

“We will continue partnering with brands to offer shoppers access to greater convenience, variety and value all year round through Shopee Mall,” said Challa.

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Health, fitness app sessions increased by 31% in 2021

Singapore – The pandemic has paved the way for people to opt out utilizing digital experiences, including the usage of mobile applications. Under such categories are health and fitness apps, to which its digital lifestyle solutions have made their app sessions increase by 31% during H1 in 2021 globally, the latest insights from mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust shows.

The increase in app sessions are noted despite the gradual re-opening of gyms and fitness centers globally due to eased pandemic restrictions. Yet, health and fitness app installations have dropped by 24% during H1 of this year.

This is a large contrast with the previous Adjust statistics that showed that the aforementioned app installs of apps under that category saw a spike by 67% by March 2020, and sessions boosted by 48% during May 2020, an indication of online activity in these apps due to existing pandemic restrictions back then.

In terms of workout and fitness frequencies on these apps, the insights noted that Sunday was the most preferred day to workout during the week, with Friday being the least favorite. Meanwhile, in terms of peak weak performance, health and fitness global sessions were at peak during the first week of March last year, 9.1% above the H1 average.

“Although installs are not as impressive as last year, sessions are trending upward, suggesting that users are sticking with apps since adapting to taking care of their mental and physical health from home. The growth is expected to continue, but the key challenge for apps is to gain the competitive edge and acquire more high-LTV users,” according to April Tayson, regional vice president for INSEA at Adjust.

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YouTube raises health information awareness with new in-app features

California, USA – In response to the growing trend online of users resorting to online resources for verified answers to health questions and educating themselves more about health and medicine, video streaming platform YouTube has announced that it will be introducing new in-app features that would raise more awareness about verified health information.

YouTube will be adding new health source information panels on videos to help viewers identify videos from authoritative sources, and health content shelves that more effectively highlight videos from these sources when you search for specific health topics. These context cues are aimed at helping people more easily navigate and evaluate credible health information.

In order to cross-check information these YouTube videos present, the platform has applied the principles developed by an expert panel convened by the National Academy of Medicine, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that brings together the top experts in health, medicine, and biomedical science to provide unbiased, evidence-based guidance about health and science. 

The National Academy of Medicine regularly examines complicated questions related to health, medicine, and biomedical science and over the years they have given guidance on everything from countering the opioid epidemic to gene editing.

According to Dr. Garth Graham, director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships at YouTube, the new in-app health information is the result of the platform’s constant work to make it easier for people to find authoritative information to help answer their questions, as well as putting health professionals at the core of our efforts to connect people with helpful content.

In addition, he also believes that in our increasingly digital world, the next phase in health communication is video, where we can connect with people and answer their questions in a way that is both visual and personal. He also believes that this platform, with 2 billion monthly active users, has the potential to be a transformative tool for public health and can positively impact communities at scale. 

“This is our first step towards identifying and designating authoritative health sources on YouTube. While only accredited health organizations and government entities are currently included in our health context features, we’re exploring ways to broaden eligibility and evaluate the inclusion of other health sources, as well as ways to expand these features globally,” Graham said.

He added, “Throughout my years of working in public health and practicing medicine, I have seen the benefits of getting the right information to patients when they need it. These new features are an important step to improve our platform’s role in connecting people with high-quality information. We know that there is more work to be done and our investment will continue for the long-term.”

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Reckitt ties Shopee for content marketing campaign on hygiene, nourishment

Manila, Philippines – Global consumer goods firm Reckitt has partnered with e-commerce platform Shopee to launch its first-ever ‘Protection Starts Within’ campaign across the SEA region including the Philippines.

As people around the world face the continued threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipino families are still placing high importance on upholding strict hygiene standards and ensuring proper nourishment

The regional campaign, which will be running from 21 to 23 June, aims to help families better protect their health and well-being by enabling shoppers to access Reckitt’s wide portfolio of family care essentials at Shopee Mall.

To meet the growing demand for health, hygiene, and nutrition products online, Reckitt will be educating customers about protecting and nourishing the family with Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro, Lactum 3+6+, and Lysol on Shopee Live through the campaign.

Furthermore, Reckitt will be sharing exclusive product tips and best practices for family protection through an educational microsite. About 20 lucky viewers on Shopee live streams will also stand a chance to win ₱300 off shopping vouchers.

Muksitul Islam, the ASEAN e-commerce director at Reckitt, shared that they are proud to partner with Shopee in their regional initiative to reach more consumers across the region and in the Philippines. 

“They can be assured of convenient and quick access to our entire portfolio of well-loved brands including Enfagrow Four, Lactum 3+6+, and Lysol that will help meet their needs. Through Shopee’s engagement tools, our customers can also look forward to learning valuable tips on Reckitt’s products, as well as best practices through a fun and engaging way,” said Islam.

Meanwhile, Shopee Philippines’ Director Martin Yu, said that as part of the 7.7 Mid-Year Sale to give shoppers greater value, they are glad to partner with Reckitt to provide a wide variety of trusted household brands delivered directly to their homes. 

“As e-commerce grows to become an integral part of life, Shopee will continue to work with globally-trusted brands like Reckitt to ensure that shoppers can get convenient access to all that they need,” said Yu.

Reckitt will also be rolling out exclusive COVID-19 household protection deals on Shopee Mall, such as exclusive bundle sets and EnfaMama Elite Rewards Loyalty Program, which allows shoppers to get 500 points sign-up bonus, member-exclusive vouchers, and bonus points with every purchase from the official store on Shopee Mall.

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SG’s telemed platform HiDoc launches an app for women’s health and wellness

Singapore – HiDoc, a healthcare technology start-up in Singapore that provides web-based and mobile app solutions, has officially launched community platform Nectar, which is an app dedicated to women’s health and wellness.

Nectar is a web-based application that carries an ‘Ask the Expert’ function, enabling users to receive answers to health and wellness-related queries. 

HiDoc said Nectar was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic when HiDoc Co-Founders Dr. Christina Low and Carolyn Goh noticed a rising trend on the HiDoc platform. During the circuit breaker period in Singapore in particular, which is the country’s stay-at-home order in April of last year, HiDoc saw a significant spike in the number of teleconsultations and inquiries from the women’s community. 

“We want to empower women with the right knowledge to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care. Nectar aims to catalyze the formation of a community, backed by experts focused on supporting women in their health and wellness journey. It is a place for ladies to comfortably share their experiences and walk their life journey together,” said Dr. Low.

Users of the app will have access to a huge amount of health and wellness content curated specifically to their profile. They can expect weekly articles on key healthcare topics written specifically for each member. Furthermore, users will have exclusive access to health webinars to keep them informed of prevailing health issues for women. Through the app, they will also be able to access personalized health and wellness plans designed for them.

Goh shared that HiDoc is already building up the platform to include machine learning algorithms to show relevant content and conversations that are based on the various data points that members have input in the platform.

“Nectar is an online community platform that HiDoc has created for women. We built Nectar to foster a trusted and safe haven for women to learn more about their wellbeing from experts and other women sharing their experiences,” said Goh.

Following the initial soft launch in January, Nectar has currently accumulated 3,000 downloads.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia’s newest platform now caters end-to-end medical services

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Air Asia’s travel and e-commerce platform has announced its newest digital platform, AirAsia Health, focused on providing end-to-end medical services.

The newest platform is in response to aggregating medical-related services into one platform. Professional consultation, booking treatment, wellness and fertility sessions are some of the prime services the platform has to offer.

Following its initial launch, the said platform is allowing bookings for COVID-19 RT PCR tests. Priced at RM260 ($62.58), the bookings are done in partnership with Lifecare Diagnostic Medical Centre and Sunway Medical Centre.

Other medical partners include Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialists, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, and Sunway Medical Centre, as well as Genesis IVF & Women’s Specialist Centre, Sunway TCM Centre, and Pure Touch Clinic.

“Healthcare is essential, and its affordability and accessibility should be a right for everyone. We want to help facilitate that. From the initial consultation to post-treatment services, we aim to make it as seamless as possible for everyone through the AirAsia Health online platform. Furthermore, AirAsia Health is where healthcare meets travel, complemented by the strength of’s ecosystem encompassing travel logistics such as flights, accommodation and mobility options, enhancing the convenience factor for any medical traveller’s end-to-end journey,” Karen Chan, CEO of said.