Philippines-based to launch digital eSports platform Kalaro in October Management

Manila, Philippines – Inc, a software architecture company, has announced that it will be launching a fully-integrated end-to-end eSports digital platform “Kalaro” in the Philippines in October.

Kalaro caters to  Filipino gamers. The application includes features like tournament management,one-on-one challenges, and team competitions as well as coaching, piloting and buy-ins among others.

Other features such as live streams, recorded video, and real-time chat will also be available. The platform is also integrated with social media channels Facebook, YouTube and  Twitch enabling users to post their statuses and follow each other.

The new technology is made by an internationally-experienced team of Filipino tech-experts in the Philippines. In creating the platform, the company has teamed up with international corporate brands National Computer Systems (NCS), an information, communication and technology (ICT) service provider in Singapore, and with software-engineering company ERNI from Switzerland.

NCS handles the technology cloud infrastructure to ensure that Kalaro is globally available to all Filipinos 24/7. The company was also responsible for  the various integration requirements of Kalaro so that it can connect online to apps like Facebook, Twitch, and mobile payments GCash, DragonPayand other third party systems.

ERNI, on the other hand, designs the User Interface (UI) and overall User Experience (UX), translating it into actual working systems for the platform  users to enjoy. 

Renalyn B. David, board of directors member of Inc. and Pnex Int’l Corporation said, “We are thrilled to finally unveil Kalaro to be the catalyst in rapidly developing world-class Filipino eSports talents. With the incredible support we are getting from our partners and the gaming community, we’re excited to realize the synergy Kalaro will create among corporate brands and more than 30+ million eSports enthusiasts in the Philippines”

Co-founder David Nithyananthan added, “Kalaro was able to capture the aspirations of all the eSports stakeholders and present it in a creatively designed UI which results in a fun, easy to use [platform] and with a comprehensive set of features fitting to the demands of tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs.”

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