Contextual-driven YouTube ads drive 28% more attention: report

Teddy Cambosa - September 13, 2023

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Singapore – Contextual-driven ads on YouTube have been observed to drive 28% more attention in contrast to other industry benchmarks, according to the latest data from Channel Factory and Playground xyz.

According to the data, these contextual-driven ads generate nearly 70% more attention for skippable ads. Both non-skippable and skippable ad formats consistently demonstrated ideal performance, exceeding benchmarks 97% and 95% of the time, respectively. 

Moreover, curated activity for these types of ads delivers above benchmark more than 80% of the time. The data also revealed that such tech delivers 28% more attention than the industry norm, on average more than one second of extra attention per placement.

Alex Littlejohn, managing director for APAC at Channel Factory, said, “Every second of attention on an ad has a huge impact for brands, which makes these results incredibly powerful. They prove beyond doubt the direct relationship between contextual relevance and increased user attention metrics.”

He added, “While it stands to reason people will engage more with advertising that’s relevant to their interests, too many advertisers are still ignoring this fact and blindly spraying ad placements in non-curated environments. Channel Factory technology helps brands deliver their campaigns more efficiently and in contextually relevant environments and now with the added benefit of attention measurement and reporting incorporated in their buys.” 

Meanwhile, Rob Hall, CEO of Playground XYZ, commented, “Attention metrics give brands the key to understanding how their campaigns are resonating with customers. Our partnership with Channel Factory gives advertisers the ability to understand their YouTube campaigns on a deeper level and drive ROI.”